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About the founder

Adir Azran is our founder , Diamond Expert and Jewelry Designer. He is also a gifted musician , software engineer and Married With 5 kids.

How it all started

once upon
a time...

My parents born in Morocco and came to Israel in the 1950’s

.With a small suitcase and with huge passion for the Land of Israel

My father was very diligent

.He began to work in the diamond industry days and nights to support the family

 After a while he decided to move foreword and open his own factory business

He started his journey and traveling around the world looking the best rough sources and became the leading Manufacturer in israel , Owner Big Factory with more than 100 employers, he also receive a Sight directly from the  Mines of the Syndicate

Many years after i finished my service in the army , i decided joining  the family company and continue the family tradition

Jewelry and diamonds have always been a part of my life, love and Passion. 

Years later , i got married and have five amazing children , I decided to Create  my own brand 

Five Stars Diamonds .


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